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June 28 2012


Cja 343

Cja343 - Personal crimes are a big concern in society these days. Personal crimes include assault, battery, mayhem, rape and statutory rape. Of the two person crimes, assault and battery are often referred to as together. Under common law, assault and battery are two different and distinct crimes (Schmalleger, Hall & Dolatowski, 2010). The personal crimes listed above will be discussed in the paper below.  Cja 343
Cja394 - The first personal crime that will be talked about is assault. The definition of assault is a violent physical attack on an individual, who is also known as the victim. An assault is included in any actually battery—hence the crime of “assault and battery” (Schmalleger, Hall & Dolatowski, 2010).   A threat or an attempt of physical violence to an individual is an assault. Assault can be broken down into two different types: a threatened battery and an attempted battery. A threatened battery is where the defendant put fear of injury in the individuals mind. With attempted battery, the defendant actually attempted to commit a battery (Schmalleger, Hall & Dolatowski, 2010). Threatened battery is not really recognized in many of the states today. When an individual attempts battery, they are likely to carry out the threat and severely injury their victim.

Cja 394 - Aggravated assault is another type of assault. Some assaults may be classified as either felonious or misdemeanors. For an assault to be considered a misdemeanor, it must be an assault that was unaccompanied by aggravation circumstances (Schmalleger, Hall & Dolatowski, 2010). Aggravated assaults, though, fall under the felonious assaults. Aggravates assaults are more of an intent to commit murder or rape.

Cja 343

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